Woolie Monster Bearries

I knit and create tiny woollen creatures. They come to life and usually cause a havoc.

Love Owl

I knit and sewed together this little guy in just a day! Which for me is pretty miraculous! I’m loving making custom made beaks for my little creatures out of Fimo (why didn’t I think of that before?)

Clara the biologist alpaca is finished!!!

Hours and hours of knitting followed by an ambitious custom made lab coat sewn out of suede.

One of my most challenging comissions yet! My friend Ola helped me out a lot with the design and sewing of the tiny lab coat. Thank you!

I knit this little owl today and then we played in the garden and swung off some hanging plants.

Materials used: wool, cotton stuffing, felt, safety eyes and Fimo!

Haven’t posted in a while! My return to Canada has been filled with busy time visiting friends and getting the Flu- but now I am back to my healthy knitting self!

I hand knit this Alpaca lady this week as part of a commission request. She is still in progress as she is meant to be a biologist and still requires a lab coat. Sewing is not really my bag so I am hoping for the best! Will update with more photos!

And of course the glasses were made out of Fimo.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Time- Created August 2014 Berlin

There’s a whiff of fall in the air and I am extremely excited for Pumpkin Spice Latte time with my friend Sarah! 

In case some of you are curious, I am the one on the left and my friend Sarah is the one I drew on the right. The two cats are well, her cats Kassat and Meeko. They are always checking out what we do.

Drawn with a simple black ink pend and Faber Castell colors.

Berlin U-Bahn Rubiks Cube- Created December 2013 Berlin

This was a christmas gift I made for a friend-I used a map of Berlin’s U/S-bahn system and carefully cut it up to fit on a Rubiks Cube. I definitely think that…it has not been solved in a while. I previously made a black and white one of the city of Montreal.


Toothless- Created August 2014 Berlin

I tried knitting a Toothless, because he is so adorable and cute and I want to squeeeeeze him. 

He doesn’t look exactly like Toothless (at least not as much as I would have liked him too) but I think he is still cute.

Ghost Poo- Created August 2014 Berlin

I am soon leaving Berlin, so I am making lots of little gifts for some lovely people I will be missing to bits. This little monster is beautiful and loves making jokes. He favorite color is also a fall color, yellow!

Materials Used: wool, felt, Fimo and safety eyes

These two have already been featured seperatly on my blog before, but I thought that this picture of them cuddling against the cold fall like wind was worth posting.

Chevron and Feather pattern practice

It’s almost fall- and it’s time to learn some new stitches! Saw this one on “One Stitch a Day” and immediately fell in love. Looks complex but it is a surprisingly easy pattern!